Treatment Philosophy

"As a healer, I strive to work with individuals in a way that promotes a peaceful and healthy planet."

Wendy's philosophy engenders positive healing to counteract the conflict and pain that washes over us in our daily lives. While watching negative images on the news, the many systems of your body are still working in harmony; your heart beats in time, your digestive system assimilates what you feed it, and your mind processes information. And yet, you are being affected by the stressful images being presented.

How do we keep the negative influences at bay, while simultaneously enjoying our life on this amazing blue planet?

Strive to remain conscious of the miracles in our daily lives - our children's laughter, our lover's touch, our parents' wisdom, our friends' support.
Realize that the choices we make in life can ripple forward and provide the world with positive growth. Each action does not exist separately from all others, but is part of the symphony of life.
We must learn to live in accord with our families, remembering that most of the discord we experience comes from our own state of imbalance. It is important to reflect on the goodness we share, not the irritation of the moment.
As a part of the world community, we all must make a place in our lives for healing in the larger sense. This can include forgoing the use of pesticides around our home, participating in a road cleanup, or donating to environmental organizations that work each day to save our natural resources. We must connect and be conscious of our shared ability and responsibility to heal. In this way we can all move toward a place of renewal and peace.