Services Offered

Wendy's extensive abilities provide her with the skills to conduct medical intuitive body scans, integrative psychotherapy, energy healing, soul retrieval and energy medicine, and Shamanic studies sessions to improve your physical, mental and spiritual health.

Medical Intuitive Body Scan

Wendy can intuitively see into your body, much like a CT scan, to identify and address physical health concerns including chronic conditions often undiagnosed by conventional methods. This is a ninety minute session of viewing and assessing health concerns and strengths including a head-to-toe mental scan of your body.

Integrative Psychotherapy

This is holistic therapy for your mind, body, and spirit. Integrative psychotherapy focuses on creating an interactive decision-making process for all aspects of a person's wellness. This therapy creates a template for making growth-challenging decisions that best benefit the wellness of a person's whole being.

Energy Healing

Wendy provides energy healing sessions, drawing from the disciplines of Reiki, energy balancing, personal totem pole process, craniosacral, accupressure and zero balancing. She will often use guided imagery to help improve the energy flow, or chi, creating wellness and an improved sense of well-being. Areas of tension and chakras that hold energy are released, and energy flow is improved.

Soul Retrieval

Many times parts of us are lost through traumatic events, in this time or others. Wendy can help you work to heal; she is also comfortable working with entities or spiritual issues that need resolution.

Shamanic Studies

Do you have a sincere interest in the understanding and practice of Shamanic Healing? Wendy is currently taking on new students in a one-on-one program that focuses on the following:
  • Clearing any blockages that may impede the following of your path toward your specific physical, mental or spiritual destination
  • Exploring your role as a healer and future Shaministic worker (light worker)
  • Defining your path and learning the tools needed to follow that path
  • Assisting in the transition toward that goal while staying in the right relation to the Earth and all her beings.