Partnership for Advancing Tomorrow’s Healthcare

The Partnership for Advancing Tomorrow's Healthcare (PATH) is a planned center for holistic integrative treatment in the greater Boston area. The goal is to create a patient-centered facility focused on the whole person. Wellness of mind, body, and spirit will be available in one place, with each person able to follow their own path to wellness.

Many types of practitioners will gather at PATH to focus on an individual's needs, providing an alternative to the scattered approach to wellness and care that often occurs. This traditional approach has become untenable for many people due to the expense and the time wasted searching for both the correct method and practitioner to solve a problem. Here all major alternative modalities, and some Western medical ones, would be under one roof. Practitioners will be conveniently based at the center so the "one-stop shopping" concept can be effective, with intake, treatment, and post care at a single site. Care will range from chiropractic, nutrition, and physical therapy to homeopathy, detoxification, medical intuition and more. Some of the additional areas planned include a wellness center with yoga, spiritual training, a conference center and wellness-related instruction for both the layperson and the professional. A homeopathic overnight clinic, a customized educational restaurant, and massage and skin care facilities are also planned.