Client Testimonials

Shown here are just some of the many kind words Wendy’s clients have expressed over the years.

"Several years ago my thyroid swelled up and I could tell that the doctor thought it was cancer. This is how I found Wendy and her truly amazing gift. I was blown away when Wendy could look into my body and tell me exactly what was going on. Even though I didn't believe it was cancer, hearing Wendy say 'It doesn't look like cancer but it's something that you need to take care of' was such a wonderful and powerful confirmation for me. I had been working way too hard and this warning shot across the bow made me realize it was time to make changes. It was so comforting and helpful to call on Wendy's expertise as I went through the process of healing my thyroid. Since then, my life has slowly evolved into one of sanity. I can't thank you enough for being there Wendy. I will forever be grateful for your truly amazing gift!"
-- Ann Taylor, Asheville, NC
"Having never been much of a believer in things I can't see or understand, I was skeptical when I went to see Wendy. But to my amazement she picked up on my 'root canal' in process, and the pain I was having from fibrocystic disease in my left breast immediately. She reassured me about the pains and aches that had been terribly worrisome to me. She saw into my character in a way that was very supportive and life affirming."
-- A.C., Palm Beach, FL
"My therapy experience has been amazing. I have grown and changed beyond my wildest dreams. My life course is now totally different, cleaner and healthier."
-- N.J., Newton, MA
"I've never met anyone like her. I didn't know people like her existed, and if I had I would have gone to her before I went to the doctor. I would have been able to tell the doctor what to look for."
-- J.H., London, UK
"I have been working with Wendy in Shamanic studies for over two years. I am now choosing a course of action in my life that would have not sounded believable to me before. I am very happy."
-- R.M., Palmer, MA