Boston Women’s Journal - December 2004/January 2005

Why Consult a Medical Intuitive?

Although Medical Intuition seems odd, we all know people who have capabilities that are not easily explained. How does an animal find its way home over many miles? How do we “feel” someone looking at us when we are driving on the highway?

Many people have some kind of “extraordinary gift.” For some, it is the ability to throw a ball at 90 miles per hour. For others, extraordinary perception. Medical intuitives “see” things that others don’t. I have been described as a “human CT scan.” I can often see what no one has been able to diagnose by conventional methods. After over 5 years of data my diagnosis accuracy rate is 97%, MDs average about 84%.

Many people are taking a more active role in their health. They may not feel well after traditional medical care, or they want to discontinue drugs with unpleasant side effects, or avoid long term familial health problems. If you are one of these people then my work may be appropriate for you. But can you trust me? Do I know anything about medicine and the body?

Medical Intuitives have always existed. There was often a shaman who provide herbs or taught healing skills to an ill person. l work to balance modern medicine with alternative healing. I practice medical intuition, energy healing and alternative therapy. There are many ways to wellness.

As a medical intuitive I cannot tell you why I have this ability, I can only tell you that I have always had it. It was initially frightening to have sight and see things others did not see.

When I was a three year old child I asked a family friend of my mother to please see a doctor as something was growing inside her that looked wrong. She listened to me and is at eighty is a long term breast cancer survivor. She believes my seeing something growing was a major factor in her survival. Her doctors believe that the early diagnosis saved her. Even with the primitive techniques that existed in the 1960s she has flourished and I still have the benefit of her wisdom and company.

It is not unusual to see in my family. What is unusual is that I “came out.” Generations of family members have been healers with vision. In my generation there are three of us. I am the only one that chose to leave the traditional medical path. I had to remove my own prejudices and see in a new way. I had to trust that I may never understand the source of what I saw, but that I could believe it.

I feared ridicule, so I trained traditionally as a Rehabilitation Counselor and therapist. For 25 years I worked in hospitals, clinical facilities of many kinds with many wonderful traditional practitioners. I found that for many health issues people were left without answers, or on drugs with difficult side effects. There had to be a better way.

I meditated and prayed. I was frustrated. I felt that I would lose all my credibility as a health professional if I was open about what I saw. I went back to school again, but this time not to university, but to a Shamanic Healer. I gave up my traditional job and began anew.

I wanted to offer people the knowledge and power to help themselves to get well, and to do so to the greatest degree possible without harmful drugs. During my training, I came to understand that Western medicine is only two hundred years old, and began with barbers practicing under the barbershop pole of blood and bandages. Chinese, Homeopathic, Energy techniques and the Auervedic methods have much to teach us and if we are open we have a great deal of power in affecting our own health.

My goal is to empower people to heal. To give the knowledge of what is going on in one’s body, and the tools to take charge and change for the better. I have worked with hundreds of wonderful people with all kinds of problems. I work initially reading their bodies to ascertain problems, and then often with energy healing to assist their healing process. It has been very satisfying. People take charge of their lives and their health and make the best use of all the resources available. ** I would love to speak with you by phone and see if my work could help you.**