What is a Medical Intuitive?

Boston Women’s Journal - April/May 2002

Although a skill like medical intuition seems odd to most of us, we all know people who have capabilities which exceed normal ability. How many of us can conceptualize how Beethoven composed music after he lost his hearing? How does an abandoned animal find its way home over many miles without a map or the language to ask directions? What is perfect pitch, and why are some people tone-deaf?

The truth is that many of us have some kind of “extraordinary gift.” For a few of us, that gift is the ability to throw a ball at 90 miles per hour and hit a catcher’s glove. For others, that gift is a form of extraordinary perception. Medical intuitives “see” things that others don’t. Wendy Marks has been described as a “human CT scan.” What no one has been able to diagnose by conventional methods is often seen when Wendy scans a body.

Maybe it’s a pain in your shoulder that won’t go away. Your doctor recommends Advil. Your chiropractor gives you some relief, but no one can tell you what it is or how to treat it. Is it arthritis, bursitis, would it be better to rest or stretch?

Perhaps it’s a lump in your breast or a persistent cough that is worrying you, or you just don’t feel well. The doctor says your test results are fine. Does this mean it is “all in your head”, or have the tests failed to see what you can feel? A session with Wendy can be a very helpful first step to reduce or eliminate the stress and frustration of multiple tests which are often inconclusive.

She is eager to work with people who are eager to work on themselves. She is warm, insightful, humorous and helpful.