Boston Women’s Journal - August/September 2002

Nontraditional Therapy

We live in a changing world. People want to be able to heal themselves in the physical, emotional and spiritual plane. We are asking for a quality of life that will give us peace, a sense of goals and mission, and a way to put our emotional issues to rest, and to live with our spirituality and in health. I would like to write today about a new type of alternative to traditional psychotherapies. These therapies, and there are many of them, break new ground in viewing the human being as an integrated body mind and spirit. There are many names for these therapies but for this article I will call them “Integrative Therapies.”

There is a trend that is growing within the therapeutic community to work more efficiently and to get people independent and able to have a way to work through the problems in their life on their own after being given tools to do so. This is a great way to make a change in your life that is permanent. It is a way to obtain the tools to continue to renew and change long after the sessions are over.

Very few people nowadays have the time or the resources to spend on traditional psychotherapy. It takes years of work and costs are very often only covered partially, or not at all. Integrative therapies tend to differ from the traditional in several ways: * They are shorter term than the traditional therapies. * They are focused on the current state of peoples lives. * They are integrative, working with the body mind and spirit. * They tend to work effectively with people that have physical problems as well as emotional issues * They teach as skill that can be used by people continuing through their life as new changes and challenges occur.

How do they work? I will talk today about the type of Integrative Therapy that I practice, and although there are many different types it will serve as an example for all the different modalities.

I work with people who wish to change the way they control their own life and teach the ability to access your own inner wisdom. People I work with learn to rely on tools they build for themselves through visualization and listening to their own bodies, mind and spirit. They learn to trust that they have the power that is within all of us to know what is best for them on our path to continuing growth and wellness.

As a medical intuitive and a licensed counselor with more than 25 years of practice I find this treatment method to be revolutionary in the way it empowers people to take charge of their own lives. These sessions generally last an hour and usually the entire process takes between five and ten sessions; the skills last a lifetime. If you are interested in this type of work please feel free to call me and we can discuss whether or not this is the right path for you. I will also suggest other therapies that might work better for you if the method I practice is not appropriate.

I am happy to do an initial phone consultation for free. This treatment has evolved from my practice as a therapist and as a medical intuitive. I set out to find a way to heal people after identifying their strengths and weaknesses, and help them continue to move toward health. I hope you can learn to grow and change as we face new challenges each day in our inner and outer worlds, and I would like the privilege of helping you do so.