Boston Women’s Journal - April/May 2005

Medium: Make Mine Well Done

I rarely watch television but there is a new show called Medium that many of my friends told me I must see. The program follows the life of a real medium who works with a police department in the Southwestern United States helping them solve crimes. As a practicing Medical Intuitive and Shamanic Healer I was very skeptical that any portrayal would be “real” but when I found out that the actual medium was a consultant on the show, I decided it was worth a look.

Ms. Patricia Arquette plays a three dimensional person, dealing with a family and a job at the District Attorney’s office. The twist is that she uses her psychic abilities to figure out the actual events of a crime. I was prepared to scream and rant at the television, expecting to find fantastic views of psychic powers, perhaps with a woman in a turban looking into a crystal ball, or a variant on the Blair Witch Project. To my great surprise, I could muster no scorn, nor could I find anything wrong with her portrayal of the character. Here was a woman fighting with her husband, dealing with diapers, and working with her unique skills. Her life wasn’t easy, and she couldn’t always get the bad guy.

I’d like to believe that the success of this show on a major network indicates a change in attitude toward those of us who live every day trying to understand the gifts we’ve been given, and what it is we’re supposed to do with them. Having a psychic gift isn’t like being good at math, it’s more like learning a musical instrument. First you understand that you can hear things in a special way, then you must figure out how to fine tune that ability and turn cacophony into “music.”

I can see into people’s bodies and can often tell what is wrong with them. We accept that a pill given to us by a doctor can keep us from an illness, with no knowledge of the ingredients, how they will interact with our body, or what their long-term effects might be. Why are we comfortable with that model of “magic” but not with a world view that includes some people who know things in a way that is not immediately obvious? Now I believe in Western Medicine and would never ask someone not to confirm what I see, and use whatever methods of healing we have at our disposal. That would be foolish. A competent Medical Intuitive or Homeopath may be able to preempt the need for the magical pill by planning a course to health.

I spent the first twenty years of my career getting all the right degrees, training and practicing as a therapist, all the while trying to ignore knowledge that I possessed about people’s illness and wellness. If I had been braver in dealing with things that I saw and knew to be true, and that were repeatedly proven to be true, I can say without exaggeration that I would have saved some lives.

I have learned that if you have special abilities it is difficult to ignore them. They will find a way to manifest in your life. These gifts can be the ability to douse for water, or communicate with animals, or see personal or health problems, and yes some of us see spirits, but we still have to do the laundry. I’ve spent the last ten years working with my gifts, and helping people deal with medical issues. In the last five years I have also been working with people to help develop their special gifts, and find direction for their skills. Many of you reading this article have abilities and knowledge that I encourage you to explore. I can help people understand and develop that part of themselves, their “vision.”

I ask all of you out there who have a special gift: Look into your heart and find its proper use, and use it. You may believe that psychic ability is caused by a part of the brain that has developed in a certain way, or that it is a result of divine intervention. Whatever the cause, the medium on the program represents a real person making a contribution to her community through her special abilities. I’m sure it wasn’t easy for the real medium to come out into the open. Maybe we are moving toward a society that allows for acceptance of our vision. Like her, we are all called to make the world a bit better.