Boston Women’s Journal - June/July 2005

Energetic First Aid: Tools for Diagnosis and Self Healing

I have often written here about my experiences and the interesting things I have seen and learned while practicing within the fields of Medical Intuition, Energy Healing and Alternative Therapy. I have worked with hundreds of people with problems ranging from infertility to chronic fatigue and breast cancer. With the methods and ideas from all types of medical practices, both traditional and less traditional, many people have found a path to wellness.

Ten years ago many people viewed Alternative and Eastern Medicine as potentially dangerous and reckless, a last resort at best. The world has changed as we have broadened our perceptions and knowledge of healing. A few weeks ago I was invited to a Harvard Medical School seminar on the use of herbal medicine as an alternative to traditional drugs for a variety of illnesses ranging from depression to cancer. Imagine my surprise and pleasure.

I am glad to see this happen in my lifetime. I have often talked about the inability of Western Medicine to treat chronic illness and deal with problems that can’t be treated by large drug company solutions, or injected away. In this article I’d like to share with you a new focus that I believe will become important in the next phase of Alternative health care. It has been christened “Energetic First Aid” by Dr. Eileen Schwartz, a Psychologist and Energy Practitioner.

Energetic First Aid steps into an area of treatment that we have not fully explored as practitioners. This is the area of self-healing and learning to deal with management of stress or health problems that occur in our daily lives. Energetic First Aid deals with emergent situations using energetic tools, or situations that can be helped easily without traditional medical assistance. It is the first aid kit of alternative health. We are focusing here on everyday concerns, things in the category of “you can do this at home.” The everyday bumps and maladies of life can often be treated energetically or with short-term techniques. As always, if you have a concern that is long lasting or dangerous do not risk your health. Emergencies may require going to the hospital or dialing 911. Regular mammograms, colonoscopies and similar diagnostic and preventative technologies aid all of us in health maintenance.

I recently heard the wonderful Dr. Christiane Northrup speak. She was talking about a situation in which her young child had a bleeding injury as the result of a bad fall. It was impossible in the moment to assess how serious the injury was. While waiting for the ambulance she realized she was not helpless. She could begin the process of healing immediately. She began touching her daughter in a therapeutic way and telling her “the worst is over.” Her actions, she explained, calmed down her daughter’s nervous system, and actually slowed the blood flow to the wound and lowered her adrenaline.

This very simple example of “energetic first aid” started me thinking. As a responsible member of the healing community wouldn’t it be good to teach people how to deal with emergencies and small problems? Empowering individuals to deal with their own problems is a cornerstone of nontraditional medicine. We must focus on teaching techniques that can be used each day, such as cures for headaches, stress, menstrual cramps, cuts and bruises, emotional traumas and so on.

It was in a conversation about this opportunity with Dr. Schwartz that the concept of Energetic First Aid was born. The first seminar will be held on June 19, and several more are being planned in the next few months. This seminar will include Aura and Chakra Analysis: Diagnose and Heal Thyself, taught by myself, Energetic First Aide, Techniques for Everyday Maladies, taught by Dr. Schwartz using the Donna Eden techniques for energetic healing, and Crystal Empowerment, taught by Alice Pratt, Reiki Master and Massage therapist trained in Crystal Healing. Our focus will be to help people learn the basic interventions needed for ourselves and our families. We will begin by creating a basic energy first aid “kit” that we all can use for survival and maintenance. This is not meant to replace any treatment one might choose, but rather to empower all of us in our daily lives.