Boston Women’s Journal - June/July 2002

Can I Help You?

A Personal Look at a Medical Intuitive and Energy Healer

Many people find that they are taking a more active role in their health. This can be for several reasons: they are still not feeling well after seeing traditional medical resources, they feel they can be even better; that OK is not good enough, they want to be off drugs that may have side effects that are unpleasant, or find themselves seeking help to avoid long term health problems that may be familial or just beginning to manifest themselves. If you are one of these people then my work may be the correct approach for you. But can you trust me? Is what I say “real”? Do I know anything about medicine and the body? These are the questions I would ask if I were reading this article.

Medical intuitives have existed since mankind began. There was often a wise man or woman who would look at an ill member of the clan and give herbs or teach other methods of healing to an ill person. I like to believe I work in a modern world, aware of the possibilities of modern medicine, but with an awareness of alternative forms of healing. I practice medical intuition, energy healing and alternative therapy integrating body, mind and spirit. There are many ways to get and stay well.

A medical intuitive is a holistic practitioner who has the ability to see an image of the inside of the body much as an MRI can. As a medical intuitive I cannot tell you why I was given this ability, I can only tell you that I have always had it since I can remember. It was initially frightening to have sight and see things others did not see.

When I was a three year old child I asked a family friend of my mother to please see a doctor as something was growing inside her that looked wrong. She listened to me and continues at eighty to be a breast cancer survivor. I hope that my seeing it before she was symptomatic was a factor in her still being in our lives. She believes it was. Her doctors believe that the early diagnosis was a major factor. In fact because she caught it so early, even with the primitive techniques that existed in the 1960s, she has survived and flourished and I still have the benefit of her wisdom and company.

It is not something that is unusual in my family. What is unusual is that I “came out” about what we call fondly “it.” Generations of family members have been healers with vision. In my generation there are three of us. I am the only one that chose to go off the “traditional” medical path and use my abilities in this manner. It was a difficult decision. I had to remove my own prejudices and ideas and look at things in a whole new way. I had to learn to trust that I may never understand the source of what I saw, but that I could believe in it. In my family from an early age family members and friends would come to me for assistance and suggestions but it was never discussed outside the family for fear of ridicule.

I feared that ridicule too and so I trained traditionally, and for 25 years following I walked the traditional path. I worked in hospitals, clinical facilities of many kinds, and with many wonderful doctors and nurses and therapists of all kinds. But I found that for chronic issues, medicine as we practiced it often fell short. People were left without answers, or on drugs with very difficult side effects. I felt there had to be a better way.

Frankly, I meditated and prayed. I became more and more unhappy with people suffering, in some cases without help. I was frustrated, and studied herbal medicine, and many other alternative sources of assistance, including guided imagery and healing touch. I felt that I would lose all my credibility as a health professional if I was open about what I saw. I went back to school again, but this time not to university, but to a Shamanic Healer with traditional psychological training to try and work out what to do. My early training is very traditional. I am a Rehabilitation Counselor, a discipline that combines medicine, rehabilitation and therapy. I worked in the traditional medical field up until four years ago when I finally felt confident that I could do more for people outside the normal scope of medicine, therapy and rehabilitation. I gave up my traditional job in geriatrics, and began anew.

I wanted to offer people the knowledge and power to help themselves to get well, and to do so to the greatest degree possible without traditional drugs. Through working with a healer, I came to understand that Western medicine itself is only, at best, two hundred years old, and began with barbers practicing under the traditional barbershop sign of blood and bandages. That Chinese, Homeopathic, Energy techniques and the Auervedic methods had much to teach us about looking at our bodies in a new way, and if we were open we had a great deal of power in effecting our own health.

My goal is to empower people to heal. To give them the knowledge of what is going on in their body and the tools to take charge and change for the better. In the past four years I have worked with hundreds of wonderful people with all kinds of medical and related issues. I worked initially reading their bodies to ascertain problems, and then often with energy healing to assist their healing process from within themselves. I t has been very satisfying in a way traditional work never was. People took charge of their life and took the best of all the resources available to them to work toward health. I stay in touch with many of these people for year and we continue to grow together. I would love to speak with you by phone and see if my work could help you.